[corosync] Has anyone used corosync with both big & little endian systems in a single cluster?

John Thompson thompa26 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 14 05:01:58 UTC 2013


I am using corosync in a cluster that includes both big and little endian
systems and am coming
across crashes when there are retransmits in the cluster.

I wondered therefore if others had tried this previously?

As part of this I have identified that totempg_deliver_fn modifies the
mcast msg in place to
convert for endian purposes, even though it might still be on a sort queue
and used for retransmission.
This means that if there are different endian systems operating and a
retransmission of the msg
is performed, it will have been endian converted in-place and so what the
node receives is a message that has some endian converted fields.

I will submit a patch for this.

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