[corosync] IP Failover

Yount, William D Yount.William at menloworldwide.com
Wed Jun 13 06:31:06 GMT 2012

I have two servers, and I am trying to use to float between them in an Active/Active cluster.

I have several services which should be running simultaneously on both servers. I am trying to set up an Active/Active cluster. I am using the cluster solely for NFS and am using GFS2 for clustered storage. What I would like is for either one of the nodes to go out, and the storage to still be available. Right now, everything works fine if KNTCLFS002 goes out. If KNTCLFS001 goes out instead, then nothing works, which probably means that everything was attaching to KNTCFLS001 to begin with. I am not sure if I should adjust my stickiness settings.

The IP address dies, and naturally all the services are unreachable. Which causes the storage to no longer be reachable. I am trying to use this as storage for VMs and I would like the storage to always be available. Can someone look over the attached configuration and let me know if any changes are warranted in order to achieve 'an always' up NFS share? Is there a better solution?


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