[corosync] corosync supported platforms / osx / illumos

Jan Friesse jfriesse at redhat.com
Mon Jun 4 06:31:30 GMT 2012


> So it seems that sadly currently corosync is not working out of
> the box for the systems we tried - But before we start to invest
> time to try to fix things ourselves I would like to ask if
> a) Supporting the above mentioned platforms is wanted,
> so that patches are accepted ?


> and
> b) Is the dependency on libqb (which is licenced LPGL) mandatory/planned ?
> The webpage suggested no dependencies at all, and I did not
> find a quick answer.

Actually, corosync 1.x has no hard dependencies. Corosync 2.x has libqb 
and nss mandatory.

> The reason i ask is that our commercial software is going
> to be released under a New BSD style licence too, some tools are
> linked statically and this dependency would not fit in our plans.

Angus like (and hopefully understand) (L)GPL more then me, but there 
should be no problem (and this should be reason why LGPL exists). And 
especially, if you are willing to use only Corosync libraries (which are 
BSD), there will be no license problem at all.


> Thank you,
> helmut

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