[corosync] Corosync 1.99.1 (Beta release of Needle 2.0) available at ftp.corosync.org!

Jan Friesse jfriesse at redhat.com
Tue Jan 31 10:05:35 GMT 2012

I am very pleased to announce the Beta release of our future
Corosync Needle 2.0.

Tarball is available immediately from our website at

List of changes between Alpha (1.99.0) and Beta (1.99.1):
Angus Salkeld (24):
       LOG: make sure that debug works to syslog
       Add debug log messages to corosync for join/leave
       CTS: fix up the formt strings
       CTS: fix quourm command
       CTS: temp comment out quorum tests
       CTS: tidy up the shutdown of cpg_test_agent
       CTS: fix starting/stopping of test_agents
       CTS: make basic tests config-generic
       CTS: fix shell script variable name
       CTS: handle socket exceptions better
       CTS: account for change in sam resource path.
       CTS: init votequorum by default
       CTS: delete resourses recursively
       CTS: ignore blackbox shm
       CTS: remove SamTestQuorum as there is not test_quorum anymore
       CTS: make the status command more accurate
       CTS: be consistent with the cpg group name
       augeas: update the lense (rm amf & add update quorum options)
       CTS: remove test service config
       CTS: add test VoteQuorumWaitForAll
       cmap: add -D option to getopt
       cmap: add iterator finalize
       CTS: make the systemd logic more reliable
       CTS: cleanup the cpg test agent

Fabio M. Di Nitto (15):
       votequorum: two_node should enable wait_for_all by default
       votequorum: change quorum.expected_votes override behavior
       votequorum: add documentation and man pages
       update TODO list
       votequorum: drop NODESTATE_LEAVING
       votequorum: fix auto_tie_breaker design and simplify code a lot
       votequorum: fix expected_votes propagation
       update TODO list
       quorum: drop quorum.quorate config option
       votequorum: rename qdisk to qdevice
       votequorum: drop unnecessary flags
       votequorum: fix possible string overflow (-1) in qdevice_register
       service: fix service unload regression introduced by lcrso dropping
       quorum: fix load/unload priority for quorum services
       votequorum: honor onwire node flags change

Jan Friesse (2):
       Make xmlconf in SPEC conditional
       totemiba: Remove unused wthread.h include

Steven Dake (2):
       Return an exit code of 1 if an interface is faulty in 
       Honor exec_init_fn call

Testers of this great milestone are more than welcomed. For testing, you
need to install libqb version 0.9.0 (source code can be downloaded from 

Thanks/congratulations to all people that contributed to achieve this

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