[corosync] Corosync 1.99.4 (Third beta release of Needle 2.0) available at ftp.corosync.org!

Jan Friesse jfriesse at redhat.com
Tue Feb 14 14:37:31 GMT 2012

I am pleased to announce the third Beta release of our future
Corosync Needle 2.0.

Tarball is available immediately from our website at

List of changes between Beta-2 (1.99.2) and Beta-3 (1.99.4):
Angus Salkeld (10):
       Add a common library that can be shared between libs and corosync
       move hdb_error_to_cs to common_lib
       Treat ENOBUFS as TRY_AGAIN
       move cs_strerror() to common_lib
       TEST: Use pacemaker repeat macro
       TEST: add logging to testcpg and testevs
       Move hdb_error_to_cs to corotypes.h
       TEST: remove unused code.
       CPG: fix membership_get()
       Change the IPC TIMEOUT to block.

Fabio M. Di Nitto (24):
       votequorum: fix quorum_ringid setting before any delivery occours
       corotypes: drop deprecated EVS_ defines
       corotypes: drop deprecated QUORUM_ defines
       corotype: drop deprecated CPG_ defines
       man: add build infrastructure to generate devel man pages
       man: rename all devel man pages to .3.in
       man: hook quorum and votequorum devel man pages with genman script
       man: add quorum_overview.8 man page
       quorum: drop dead code
       man: add *quorum_track* devel man pages
       specfile: ship new man pages
       quorumtools: check for quorum_dispatch return code
       testquorum: check for quorum_dispatch return code
       quorumtool: fix return code
       testvotequorum: fix test loop to break if votequorum goes away
       quorum: don't leak memory on error
       votequorum: fix possible memory corruption
       quorumtool: fix some var init and checks
       votequorum: fix variable init
       coverity: increase aggressiveness of the test and fix build
       cpg: drop dead code
       quorum: cleanup all man pages
       votequorum: cleanup all man pages
       build: fix make dist to include xml man pages

Jan Friesse (1):
       Add CS_DISPATCH_ONE_NONBLOCKING dispatch type

Steven Dake (20):
       Remove dead code in sam test agent
       Remove use after free in corosync_main_config_set in error path
       Remove use after free and free of uninit value in mainconfig 
error path
       Remove leaked resource error from wd_resource_state_is_ok
       Free state variable allocated in wd_resource_state_is_ok
       Remove mar_gen.h from global header install since it is not needed
       Remove list.h from global header install
       Remove swab.h from global headers
       Remove include/engine/quorum and integrate it into exec/engine.h
       Remove cs_config.h from global header install
       Remove unused or unimplemented CFG apis
       Update copyright dates in util directory
       Update copyright dates in tools directory
       Updated copyright dates in include directory
       Remove jhash.h since it is not used
       Update copyright dates on include/totem files
       Update copyright header dates in exec directory
       Remove empty testquorum.c file
       Update corosync_overview.8 man page
       Remove a reference to openais that is present in corosync.conf.5

Testers of this great milestone are more than welcomed. For testing, you
need to install libqb version 0.10.1.

Thanks/congratulations to all people that contributed to achieve this
great milestone.

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