[corosync] crm not connecting with cman/corosync instance

Nick Khamis symack at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 13:46:30 GMT 2011

Hello Andrew,

Thank you so much for your reponse. I only re-included service.d/pcmk
after recieving the following error when starting the init script:

pacemakerd[1256]: 2011/11/01_09:41:13 debug: find_corosync_variant:
Could not initialize Cluster Configuration Database API instance error
pacemakerd[1256]: 2011/11/01_09:41:13 info: get_cluster_type: Assuming
a 'heartbeat' based cluster
pacemakerd[1256]: 2011/11/01_09:41:13 CRIT: get_cluster_type: This
installation of Pacemaker does not support the 'heartbeat' cluster
infrastructure.  Terminating.

I do not have Heartbeat installed? This is a
pcmk+cman+openais/corosync cluster. How can I change the value of
get_cluster_type? I should mention, that I do not recall including
anything in terms of a "pacemaker config file".

Thanks in Advance,


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