[corosync] crm not connecting with cman

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Fri Dec 2 11:46:03 GMT 2011


HI All,

Hi like to setup a GFS2 file system in our Application it's already using
corosync thro corosync.conf.

For GFS2 setup I have enabled Resilient Storage while installing the OS.

GFS2 clustring is working fine within cluster nodes, services started in
the order CMAN-->LVMD --> GFS2 --> RGMANAGER.

Now how I will do configuration that has been given in corosync.conf .I
have been using Ipaddres2 and pgsqlfo services (OCF services)

and monitored thro crm_mon .

Same issue has been been discussed by Andrew Beekhof  in the TOPIC *crm not
connecting with cman/corosync instance .*

*And it's suggested that once cman is started, *Use the pacemaker init
script to start pacemaker manually.

I hav started so, but still getting ,

 >> crm configure show
Signon to CIB failed: connection failed
Init failed, could not perform requested operations
ERROR: cannot parse xml: no element found: line 1, column 0
So please help me on this issue... missing any configuration? Attached rpm

Thanks in Advance,
Ramesh Kumar.G

Now help me how cluster.conf file can be used for calling ocf service that
we are doing thro corosync.conf.

basically no cib.xml has been called while starting corosync thro CMAN.

We are using RHEL6 and attached rpms version details.
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